Selected Chicken Items And How to make it with simple method

1.Chicken Fry

Item need.
Chicken Pieces - 1 KG
Coconut Oil - 2 Cup
White Part Of Egg - Number of 2
Chilli Powder - Half Teaspoon
Pepper Powder - 1 Teaspoon
Lemon Juice - 1 Teaspoon
Coriander Leaves - 1 Teaspoon
Bread Powder - 4 Teaspoon
Garlic - 4
Ginger - 1 Piece
Salt - For Necessity

How to make chicken fry ?

Garlic, ginger, lemon juice this three item grind with salt (salt for necessity) well. Then take chilli powder, pepper powder, coriander leaves and mix with chicken. After 30 minutes, Chicken take it to dip on Egg white water. Then fry it after wrap with Bread powder. That's It.
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How to Buy Currently out of stock in this area By Flipkart

Day by day increasing online shopping demand. We know there most online shopping sites available now. Approximately here in India 60 top online shopping websites available. We hear about mostly this online sites Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, Paytmmall etc. I am also a customer of online shopping sites. I using Flipkart, Amazon to buy because it's most trusted sites. Now here i am writing about the matter of delivery of product from Flipkart which is not available in your area. It's because of many reason why they cannot delivery which is not available in your area/pincode.

flipkart delivery issue for some product

Why this item show currently out of stock in this area. ?

It depends on many factors like the seller location, your address and type of the product (eg: AC,Cooler )

What is the solution for this issue ?

It's simple. If it show (currently out of stock in this area.) after enter your city Pincode, Then change this city Pincode and enter other 2 or more Pincode which is nearest city of you. Also these are not available then enter main city like Chennai, Banglore. That's it.

They deliver this item to home because of other city Pincode ?

Yes but check it that's your main city pincode. they delivered to your home. If they not agree then you can return that product without any delay.

Best Mobile Phone between 500 and 2000 rupees for better use

We can say without think, 99% people use mobile phones all over the world. Most of them are using  smartphones. In today's time we cannot live without a phone, this is the situation in today's time. Today people buy more expensive phones like Apple, Sony and others. But poor people can't buy this type of phone so they buy less price smartphones from unknown branded companies. But they not think before buy it. Because they wish more to buy a smartphones like others. Here i want to say something about it. Please think before buy a unknown branded phone. If you buy a unknown brand smartphone, it work well first one month or 2 month. After 1 or 2 month, begin it's real problem like touch slow, hang problem. So think before buy it. You can buy a branded smartphone after you get a good job from government or private field. So wait for it. Now buy a small phone! small phone ?? Remember our cell phones ??. Here we writing about cell phone/old phones. Read one by one and select yours one.....

1. Nokia 105 (Dual Sim/Single Sim)

You want to call someone or sending message ? then buy it this Nokia model. We know Nokia is branded company so we can buy it trustfully. Nokia developed this small phone with good design for better fit to your hand. They claim upto 15 hours talk time for this model. It's comes with two GSM sim, it's incoming and outgoing voice quality is better. We can insert headset but unfortunately we buy a headphone additional because when we buy it headset not along with this phone. 4G sim support in this phone but one thing, if we insert a 4G sim in this device we get 2G network only not get 4G network in this phone.

Other Details

2. Samsung Guru 1200

Samsung, a branded trusted company. Still now Samsung have cell phones. One of the Samsung old phone is Samsung Guru 1200. It is a nice phone with beautiful design and more features. It is suitable for GSM sim. More languages available in this phone. And other main feature is sound of this phone, we can hear if we set the ring tone volume high it's very loud from distance. Cons is it does not have Bluetooth option, No headphone along with this.

3. Nokia 150/150 DS

Nokia 150 2G Type network mobile comes with dual sim (GSM Micro sim). It has a camera and also this model support memory card upto 32GB.

4. Micromax X773

Less price Micromax X773 comes with dual sim (support GSM sim) and 0.3 megapixel camera. Features is 21 Indian language avail in this phone, wireless radio and 1000mAh powerful battery.

Selected 5 Home Remedy Face Pack which give you Ideal Skin

1.Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a small plant with more benefits. Vitamine A,C and E this three antioxidants comes with this small plant. It help us to make our skin clean and It help us from radiation damages because of a healing facility available in the Aloe Vera plant.

2.Maltani Mitti

If you want a perfect skin then we recommended to use Multani Mitti. Multani Mutti gives a ideal skin with clean and it absorb oil from skin, get rid of from dirt, that in your skin. We can use it like a toner or face pack. Muttani Mitti remove acne scars and dirt from our skin and also it's help us to remove dead skin and in good blodd circulation. So we can use it for most skin related problem.

3.Sandalwood Oil

Sandal wood oil is good for our ideal skin. It help us obstruct from pimples. Then sandal wood oil we can use for preventing black heads and acne scares. It use for save skin from sun tanning also moisturizes our skin. Sandalwood oil is helpful, if your skin is oily skin.


Honey is a sweet but also a beauty care produced by Bees. Honey helps in care from acne, scares and it's also clean our skin and skin pores well.

5.Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has two main properties that is antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory it's two properties help our skin very well. This two properties help obstruct from acne. And also the coconut oil moisturizes and clean our skin within seconds. Coconut oil maintain our skin because it is enriched with fatty acids.

Openspeedtest is the Best Internet Speed checker for all Platform

Do you know your internet speed ? If you don't know then now we have an option to check it. what is that, do you know about ? i have to say that is a website. That help you to check your internet download speed and also check upload speed. I have to say about this website before introduce that site. A beautiful site is this. We don't pay any cash for this online service. it's all free.When we visit their page, it's come suddenly, no need to wait for their services. Now let me tell you, site name is

What is OpenspeedTest ?

Openspeedtest is a website for checking our internet speed without any delay. You can check your internet speed in a good online service like this. Openspeedtest always show unique speed. You can check your internet speed on Play Station, iPad, iPhone, Android, Smart TV, Xbox, Windows, Mac, Linux etc. They also give us this application for our website, if anyone have websites they can add it their own website. [Link]

How it's work ?

Open speed use Javascript and HTML5 technology. Openspeed work with various browser with different operating system because they using HTML5. HTML5 technology work natively in all mobiles with different browser and platform easily.

Openseepdtest is unique ?

Yes, it's unique. They using unique algorithm to show our speed and also they they are not controlled by any ISP so they can show our exact/unique connection speed.