Saturday, 13 April 2019

How to check your Content is Unique for your website

When we write a content for our website, that is unique ?. People who try to make a website, he copy content from another website to his website. Due this reason he failed to make a good website and also this is his first failure of life. Do you know why i am saying "first failure of life" ?. Because this is the chance in all people life to change their life. If you write unique content/article for your website that make your site rich.

We know what happened when copied in an official exam. Do you know ? Yes.. If an invigilator found that you banned for ever from that exam. This also happened here. Search engine like Google,Yahoo,Bing want unique content who make content without copy from other sites. If someone writes copied content they can go that with 2 or 3 months, after it failed. Because Google and other search engines block that web page.

Why use copyright checker / Plagiarism Checker ?

We also said about this. This checker used to check content is unique or without copy. This help us to make a good content without copy. This is the main feature of Plagiarism/Copyright Checker.

Now we can start discussing about some Plagiarism Checker Or Copyright Checker websites. Here we can see more websites for Plagiarism Checker but we need a good one. Here we show some good websites for Plagiarism Checker like - Grammarly,Copyscape, Smallseotools, Duplichecker, quetext. Now see one by one.

Website which helps to check Unique content.

Grammarly copyright checker

Grammarly plagiarism checker is a good website for copyright check and proof read. Here we can check plagiarism from sixteen billion webpages and also from Proquest's databases. They also find and correct 400 types of grammar mistakes for our content. Copy and paste the content in Grammarly website text box and check it, you can also check content via upload file through the website.

Copyscape like search engine so we can search easy use of url address, easy to use site and avail features like automatic plagiarism alert. We can also protect our content by Copyscape. But the cons is a limit of check plagiarism. If we want check more we want to buy premium version of this checker.


Smallseotools is a website that gives more features with plagiarism checker. We can check content via copy or through url. If we copy content for checks, we can search 1000 words per search. And also they allow to check via Google Drive or Dropbox. Smallseotools also give us Grammar checker, Word Counter, Spell Checker and Other features.

Duplicatechecker come with free tools like Plagiarism Checker, Grammer Check, Word Count, Image to text, Reverse Image Search, Keyword Position and other more features. Here we can check content via upload file or copy text to textbox in the duplicatechecker webpage.


Quetext is a good plagiarism checker websites. But here more features available in the Premium version. Free version comes with search and report, but both limits to and report. Another cons of Quetext word limit per search 500, so we need to buy premium for more features.

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