Saturday, 13 April 2019

Online Shopping websites which mainly Sell dresses with Discount

We can say without any doubt 90% people buy their needs from online shopping like dresses, electronics, medicine (we always write about medicine online shopping), kitchen items etc.. Day by day increase demand of online websites like Amazon, Flipkart and others. After few days all online websites will prepare a delivery to our home in 1 day. Now Amazon have this facility but it's two day delivery. It's all change in few days because increase demand of this type of online shopping. Let me say my own matter about this, I buy 80%  home appliance and others from online websites. I use Amazon, Flipkart for buy all items because this 2 website most trusted sites.

Why people use online websites to buy ?

Because, 2 matter - money save, time save. Main different from shop and online shop, if shop we want to buy any thing then want to go their for buy. But if onlineshop, we can buy it from home and they deliver to us at home so we can save our petrol money. They not ask any additional money for delivery and also we get good offers from websites. This is the main reason why people use online websites.

We writing here about websites which sell dresses mainly. Many websites that sell dresses for women and men with all discounts. Here available different models of dresses for men and women. We can buy using their Mobile App or through their websites. Now come on check which online shopping dress website is suitable for you.

Websites which mainly sell dresses with Cheap Rate & Discount.


Myntra is online website for dresses, owned by Flipkart. Now people who read this they trusted myntra online site. Because now they see Myntra is a other site of Flipkart (one of the most trusted site in the world). Myntra selling fashion item like dresses and personalized gift items. Here they give free deliver above order 1199Rs and return within 30 days receiving your order.


Koovs is a online fashion destination to buy dresses and other materials. We can buy modern dresses for women and men from this site. Also we can buy their own branded dresses from here. Return policy available for 15 days only and shipping charges Rs 99/- will be applied if the order is below Rs 500/-. Then here we can order items with pay on deliver or cash on deliver.

Voonik first launched in mobile platform like android and ios. Now they have also a website to buy items from their sites. This online marketplace started for women fashion now they have also men fashion and other. They accept return and exchange within 7 or 30 days. They claim most of the item which you buy from Voonik that shipped for free.

Faballey, is a cloth shopping websites that found in India. I have to say one thing about this website, here we can see other one website on header that name is indya. When i click there we redirect to their another site houseofindya this also sell dresses like Faballey. Different from this two sites is this one for foreigners and another for Indians that's it. They provide 15 days exchange or return policy and premium quality.

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