Openspeedtest is the Best Internet Speed checker for all Platform

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Do you know your internet speed ? If you don't know then now we have an option to check it. what is that, do you know about ? i have to say that is a website. That help you to check your internet download speed and also check upload speed. I have to say about this website before introduce that site. A beautiful site is this. We don't pay any cash for this online service. it's all free.When we visit their page, it's come suddenly, no need to wait for their services. Now let me tell you, site name is

What is OpenspeedTest ?

Openspeedtest is a website for checking our internet speed without any delay. You can check your internet speed in a good online service like this. Openspeedtest always show unique speed. You can check your internet speed on Play Station, iPad, iPhone, Android, Smart TV, Xbox, Windows, Mac, Linux etc. They also give us this application for our website, if anyone have websites they can add it their own website. [Link]

How it's work ?

Open speed use Javascript and HTML5 technology. Openspeed work with various browser with different operating system because they using HTML5. HTML5 technology work natively in all mobiles with different browser and platform easily.

Openseepdtest is unique ?

Yes, it's unique. They using unique algorithm to show our speed and also they they are not controlled by any ISP so they can show our exact/unique connection speed.

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